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Our People


Craig Battuello, Proprietor

Craig developed an early interest in riding on the tractors on the family estate and the interest continued as his father, Dominic, and Grandfather, Matteo, taught him everything he needed to know about running the farm. “After the many hours I spent with my father and grandfather; I could have run the whole operation by the time I was barely an adult”.  Despite his capabilities by the young age he left the ranch to further his education and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After completing his education in Crop Production and moving home he began farming beside his father, Dominic. Craig continues to advise on the daily operations on the vineyard and has great pride in seeing the where the 5th generation will take the family farm.  



Dave Battuello, Vineyard Manager

Since a young child Dave spent his free time following his Grandpa, Dominic Battuello, around the vineyard and he developed a deep bond with his grandfather.  Dominic’s dedication to hard work and love of the land was something that burgeoned Dave’s passion for the family business. Dave attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and graduated with degree in Fruit Science.  After returning home to St. Helena, Dave applied some of the new technology he had learned while still utilizing the most important aspect of growing award winning fruit; hard work. Dave now takes his own children out in the fields in hope to give them the same understanding and dedication to tradition as he learned from his grandfather. “I’m excited to share that history with my children so that they can further build upon it.”   



Michael Trujillo, Winemaker

Growing up on a ranch, Michael Trujillo worked acres of hay, barley and vegetables along with sheep and cattle on land tethered to his family for generations. His grandparents were early century homesteaders of Spanish descent who settled in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, where they raised their children in a rich, agricultural life. From a young age, Michael learned the value and reward of working the land: “I feel like I’ve always been in motion, branding cows and driving hay trucks since the age of four. Ranch work taught me old-time craft skills, the love of tinkering with farm equipment and how to grow crops in uncertain weather, all of which prepared me for cultivating grapes and the process of winemaking.”

Michael discovered his passion for winemaking in the early 1980s during a spring break from his college studies as an engineer. On a road trip to California, he stayed with a family friend who had a small winery in Napa Valley. It proved to be a life- changing visit. Michael’s history, knowledge and experience, bringing his keen love of the vineyard together with more than 34 years of winemaking proficiency.



Torey Battuello, Marketing & Sales

With the heart of an entrepreneur, Torey Battuello carved her way to success by starting and running her own business based out of Sacramento for over 10 years. After marrying Dave Battuello in 2014, Torey eventually started to find interest in helping in the family business.  Having the business background, she understood the hard work and details it takes to keep everything flourishing and saw ways to build upon it all. Since 2019 she left her old endeavors behind to focus entirely on the family brand. She’s brought with her years of enterprise know-how which lead to the introduction of new technologies and streamlining processes.  Her days are spent raising the couples two small children, ages 3 and 4, and managing the daily business operations.